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Augmented Reality Development

Here at , we can’t keep our hands off new technology – especially when it’s cool tech that merges reality with the virtual world.

It’s called Augmented Reality and it’s all about enhancing the everyday with layers of computer-generated information.

The brilliance of an Augmented Reality campaign is that it can be integrated with an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phones, or by combining a special HD camera with a PC to create something mind-blowing. Like the opportunity for consumers to ‘virtually’ try on or test out products and see which ones best suit their tastes. Or a catalogue showcasing products that suddenly spring to life.

As with all great technological innovations, the creative possibilities and promotional opportunities of augmented reality are endless. There are so many real life elements, so many products to promote and so many ways to bring them to life.

That’s where our augmented reality development solutions we come in.

Using our specialist software development skills,  can help you create an amazing augmented reality campaign guaranteed to entice customers and enhance your product.

Along with virtual world creations, we develop print advertising that come to life. With video, computer graphics or sound integrated into your ad campaign, we can use Augmented Reality to transform a typical two-dimensional static ad campaign into something truly awesome. Best of all, an Augmented Reality activation campaign creates a better return on investment (ROI) than any other form of activation. And that’s great news for your business.

With product promotion becoming increasingly competitive, you simply need to work harder – both to get noticed and to really connect with your target market. An Augmented Reality campaign combines sophisticated technology with fresh promotional ideas to deliver a stunning visual outcome that’s bound to impress consumers.

And we think that’s money well spent! So what are you waiting for?


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See the Tissot 3D Augmented Reality Activation by  which utilised Touch Foil technology.

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